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Progressive Loan's success can be attributed to the exemplary caliber of our people. We make it our top priority to attract, retain and develop people with exceptional ability - people who are used to working their way to the top and who have high personal and professional goals. They think broadly and creatively, take initiative and exercise judgement, exude energy and a passion for excellence.

As a most valued asset, our people join a team where everyone - from the new trainee

  to the seasoned veteran - is encouraged to fulfill his or her potential. We offer our employees a wide variety of training and development opportunities and have great trust in their ability to accept increasing responsibility. In return, our people pull together as one to meet client needs.
  Progressive Loan is young, entrepreneurial and fast-track. In this context, we're always adding good people to the mix - so the rewards and opportunities can be endless. We are a company that nurtures growth!
  Virtually Unlimited Income! a relatively short period of time.
  High Ticket Sales!
  ...with big commissions paid in comparatively short sales cycles.
  Control Over Pricing! price your own loans.
  Build Lasting Relations with Clients! with a select and manageable base of clients.
  You're a Vital Link in the Process!'re a decision maker. You hold and control power. You're respected and admired. You become even more valued with time and experience.
  A Solid, Established Company!
  ...provides support for quality training, products and services - gives you the competitive edge!
  Not so Big that You Get Lost in the Shuffle!
  ...entrepreneurial and growth oriented company that cares about the individual.
  Progressive Products and Strong Marketing!
  ...cutting edge products and service. And we have our own marketing agency to develop support materials for the sales force!
  It's a Great Place to Work!
  ...great staff support and a fun work environment.
  ...what's the next step? That's easy. Just get in contact with us, and let us know that you would like to work with Progressive Loan. We look forward to hearing from you!
  You can call us at 1-800-883-4444 or
  e-mail Ron Marks at

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